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Narcan available at more than 8,000 Walgreens locations nationwide

(CBS News, October 26)  Narcan, a nasal spray form of naloxone that reverses opioid overdoses, will now be a little easier to get. Read more.

10K times more potent than morphine: First carfentanil death confirmed in Wisconsin

(Fox 6 News, April 17) The Milwaukee County medical examiner confirmed Wisconsin's first carfentanil death on Monday morning, April 17th. Read more.

The Son of Milwaukee Medical Examiner Dies of Drug Overdose

(Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel September 15) While homicides, motor vehicle and infant sleep-related deaths have loomed large in the news, Milwaukee's chief medical examiner said, at a round-table discussion about the opioid epidemic sponsored by Senator Ron Johnson, that when all three are added together "that's less than the number of overdoses we've had."  READ MORE

Heroin suspected in 20 deaths in 2 weeks

(Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel August 12) Twenty people died of probable heroin overdoses in Milwaukee County in the past two weeks, a toll the county medical examiner's office called "unprecedented."   READ MORE

Pain doctor, 'OxyCzar' assistant indicted over 'pill mill'

(Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel June 24)The office manager at a Wauwatosa clinic described herself as the 'OxyCzar' and handed out huge prescriptions for powerful painkillers to people paying cash, according to federal court documents.  READ MORE